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A Green Light to Creativity

“UNT is well known as one of the nation’s best music schools, and they offered me a National Merit scholarship. I like the creativity and flexibility here. I auditioned at four schools, choosing UNT for the atmosphere and fit.”

Andrew Donald
Music major from
Phoenix, Arizona

Andrew Donald

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Step up

Start a new chapter in your life and become the person you want to be. At UNT, you can choose from 7,000 classes offered in various formats each semester. Study abroad, participate in global learning activities on campus or sign up for service-oriented spring break trips.

“I’m on the path to success.”

Hands-on learning

In most degree programs, you’ll get considerable hands-on experience in your field before you graduate. Employers appreciate UNT graduates because they’re critical thinkers prepared to begin contributing their first day on the job.

Abundant internships

Internships provide invaluable training and a head start on your career. UNT’s Career Center provides many students with paid, supervised positions related to their field of study, often for several semesters. You may even receive a permanent job offer after graduation.

“My professors are brilliant.”

Personable and approachable

UNT faculty and staff are friendly and willing to help you. Students are the top priority here. Most classes are taught by faculty (not teaching assistants), and you can find classes and professors to fit different learning styles.

Impressive credentials

UNT has an esteemed faculty. Scientific, professional and educational organizations recognize UNT’s excellence in teaching. Our faculty members are advancing the frontiers of knowledge through research and creative activities. For example, Dr. Tomas Mantecon, associate professor of Finance, has earned several UNT research awards and is a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in Spring 2014, teaching in Linz, Austria.

Faculty spotlight

The UNT faculty includes:

  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences members
  • American Chemical Society fellows
  • American Council on Education fellows
  • Fulbright Scholars
  • Grammy, Pulitzer and Emmy nominees
  • National Academy of Engineering members
  • National Academy of Sciences members
  • National Science Foundation CAREER award recipients


“I’ve learned so much.”

New frontiers

UNT has a growing reputation as an innovative university, with research endeavors spanning the globe. We’re investing in interdisciplinary research clusters to address society’s greatest needs.

“I like to go above and beyond.”


Green Highlight

UNT offers 200
sustainability-related courses in
39 academic departments. Three hundred researchers conduct
environmental studies
at the university.

No limits for freshmen

You can get the green light to participate in university research at UNT even as a freshman — an opportunity restricted to graduate students at many institutions. Research and creative opportunities are available in most disciplines and in our interdisciplinary research clusters, in which we’ve invested millions. See what we offer and what interests you.

Consider your options

Some of UNT’s unique program choices include:

Honors College student Jorge Roman

Plant Signaling Mechanisms

UNT's Fashion Design Program


Challenge yourself

UNT’s stimulating course work, research options and opportunities to make friends with international students may be just the ticket for you. We offer 124 academic organizations and honor societies, including one for freshmen, Alpha Lambda Delta.

Life with honors

Students of all majors may apply for the Honors College, which enriches the academic and intellectual experience of highly talented and motivated students. Admission is competitive. If accepted, you can apply to live with your intellectual peers in Honors Hall, the newest residence hall available to freshmen.

AP/IB credits

UNT accepts Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credits. Find out if your AP or IB courses will count as college credit.

Science, engineering and more

Some of our brightest stars are STEM programs — science, technology, engineering and math. You can choose from 10 engineering degrees, including Biomedical Engineering.

CSI Denton

You can enroll in one of the only undergraduate Forensic Science programs in Texas accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. UNT students learn to use the same equipment used in professional crime labs.

Flying high

Our College of Business offers a degree in Aviation Logistics, the field that quickly and reliably moves passengers or cargo over great distances. Only a handful of programs in this field are available in the U.S.

Succeed at UNT

At UNT, we are dedicated to helping you succeed — not only in the classroom while you are a UNT student, but in your career and your life after you graduate.

To help you on your journey, UNT's Succeed at UNT campaign gives you easy access to the resources you need to be successful while you are here and to teach you valuable skills.

The concept is simple — follow six tips and add your own dedication and hard work to define your future. In doing so, you will have a much higher chance of achieving academic success — and an overall better college experience.